Officials Training at Whyalla

On Saturday 26th August, the Whyalla Kart Club gathered a group of it’s existing officials in addition to a new official to carry out a refresher and introductory officials training program.
The group were taken through both the Stewards and Event Command modules that have been introduced nationally by Karting Australia.
A wealth of enthusiasm by those attending made for a fantastic day with significant interaction between the group members as well as a great deal of stories being told of various experiences as Karting officials.
I’d like to thank the group for attending and look forward to seeing the club continue to grow into the future.
Should you be interested in becoming an official in Karting either in Adelaide or around the state, please feel free to contact me;
[email protected]
Thanks again to the Whyalla Kart Club.
Liam Meegan
State Officials Coordinator
Karting SA