2017 Executive and co-ordinators of the AKA of SA.

All contact to be made through the State Secretary where possible.

State Secretary                          Melissa Rees
PO Box 308
Walkerville , SA, 5081
phone 0499 222 060
email [email protected]

President — Craig Denton mailto:[email protected]

Vice Pres — Danny Miller
Treasurer — Simone Harvy/Lake
Executive Commissioner — Danny Miller
Assistant –– David Kissock
Tech Advisor — Dale Provan
State Track inspector — Graham Jensen
Publicity officer –TBD
State Steward Coordinator— Liam Meegan
State Tyre Tester –Dale Provan
State Fuel Tester — Dale Provan
State Tribunal — Melissa Rees
Tech Committee SA — TBD
Intergalactic Web Master – Peter Fritz
Stewards Panel

Dave Boorman
Dave Harris
Greg Stillwell
Brian Sparrow
supp regs coordinator — David Harris
Supp regs Committee

Warren Mitchell
Brian Sparrow
Ron Florentinus
Rod Wilkinson
Dave Dowson
Dave Harris
State Series Coordinator –TBD

[email protected]