Karting SA Licence Costs

Full New Licence: $280.00 inc. GST
Renewal: $260.00 inc. GST
Practice Licence: $180.00 inc. GST
Vintage Licence: $80.00 inc. GST
Pit Crew Licence: $25.00 inc. GST

To apply for a race/practice licence, you will require (1) Licence application (can be completed below) and (2) Completed Club Membership – follow this link for a list of clubs near you.

SecurePay has now been set up for SA on the CMS system.
If you enter your credit card details for a new licence application or renewal, your credit card will be processed immediately and a receipt will be emailed directly to you.
Please note that all credit card transactions do attract a 2.75% processing fee.
You will also still have the option to pay by direct debit if you prefer.
We hope that this helps to minimize any potential delays with processing your licence.

Licence Application & Race Entry

enter_a_race_meeting new_licence
day_licence renewal_licence
pit_crew_licence participants_licence

For any questions regarding your application or password please click on your state below to email the State Secretary.