Letter from Karting SA President

08 Dec 2021

Hi All,

I’d like to introduce myself, I’m Ian Watson(Watto) and as of the AGM last week I was elected President of Karting South Australia for the next 2 years, I’ll be stepping down as Vice President with Greg Trengrove taking on the role. Firstly I would like to say a big thankyou to the following people, Jim Gorman for his work in the last 2 years steering the state through the trying times COVID pandemic a job well done, he will not be totally lost as he is staying on as the State Tech Rep. Rob Burgemeister who has done and is continuing to do a great job as State Secretary he is highly efficient and has introduced some new procedures to streamline the Secretary role. Josh Holmes who was Treasurer for the last year thanks for sorting out the finances you leave us in a good place for the incoming Treasurer (Scott Boorman). A big thanks to Warren Mitchell for his unenvious job of co- originating the officials and supp reg’s, and last but not least the delegates from the clubs.

So who am I and what is my experience, before Karting I had no motor racing experience and took Nikki(my daughter) to a come and try day in 2010, for us it was about a sport where the whole family could contribute, a good way to meet new people and have fun which is still why we race today  although we’re a little more serious now than when we started. I have been a member of all the 3 Metro clubs and I am currently on the committee of 2 of those, State VP for 2 years and currently the State Circuit Inspector.

What do I hope the Karting Council can achieve in the next couple of years? My goal is to create a good working relationship between all the clubs and their members and encourage competitors to race at all clubs and not just their home club and create a family friendly environment, remember numbers build numbers. We also have a vison of making our sport more visible to the government in hope that this will assist in receiving some funding options.

RESPECT for Officials and Volunteers, for me this is a non-negotiable, I’m passionate about racing like you all and I understand tempers fray at times, but remember these people are volunteers and without them there is no racing so treat them as you would like to be treated. In any other sport if you spoke to officials like ours get spoken to you would find yourself removed from the meeting.

Child protection policy is now in place for Karting SA, please make yourself familiar with it.

Back to some positive news, the intention Is to get the calendar out before December, FSC will continue with the same format as last year, we are looking at setting up a FSC organizing committee with representatives from ALL clubs, if you are interested please contact your club, anyone who would like to sponsor the series please contact Rob Burgemister.

AKC is at Go kart Club of SA on the 10-12 December, if you can help in any way even for 1 or 2 hours can you please contact Warren Nietz. Good luck to all the competitors.

If you want anything posted on the State FB site please send your information to Adam Vella  [email protected]


Cheers and Beers